Supported devices

You can watch Philo Edu on the following devices:

Mac: Any Mac computer running OS X 10.8 or higher using a supported browser.

PC: Any PC running Windows 7 or higher using a supported browser.

iOS: Any Apple device running iOS 9 or higher by downloading our iOS app here.

Android: Most Android devices running Android 4.4 or higher by downloading our Android app here. The Philo Edu app will not appear in the Google Play Store for incompatible devices.

Roku: Any current and supported Roku device, including Roku TVs. See our Roku registration instructions for details.

If you have a monthly subscription with Philo, click here for supported devices.

Looking to watch Philo Edu on your Chromecast, Chromebook, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, smart TV, gaming console, or another device we don't currently support? Philo is committed to bringing you the best television experience on your favorite devices and we are continually working to bring Philo Edu to more platforms. 

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