Do I have access to HBO Max?


Determining whether your school offers HBO GO through Philo Edu is simple. Just do the following:

  1. Visit 
  2. Select Sign In, found in the top, right corner.
  3. Click "Sign in through TV or mobile provider" then click "View all providers" and select your school from the drop-down menu. (Note: colleges and universities are listed in alphabetical order.)

Note: HBO Max cannot be accessed on larger iPads.

You must be an authorized user and living in approved on-campus housing to access HBO Max.

Computers, smartphones, and tablets can be used to access HBO Max anywhere, but you must be on campus to use HBO Max on set-top box devices like Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Apple TV, Android TV and Samsung TV (2016 models or later).

Having trouble accessing HBO Max?

HBO Max is included free with your on-campus housing. If your on-campus housing contract has expired or you’ve moved off-campus, you won’t be able to access HBO Max through your college or university. You can access HBO Max again once you return to on-campus housing with an active contract.

If you’ve taken time off for the summer, moved off campus, or graduated - there are still many ways to watch HBO! 

Visit the following page to see all the ways to watch HBO:


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