How to fix Error 6008

The error you are seeing has to do with playing protected content (DRM) in the Silverlight plugin. Silverlight is used by these supported browsers. Common causes of this error are misconfigured or corrupted installations of Silverlight.

1. Enable playback of protected content

Open Philo Edu in a Silverlight browser.

Go to Live and select any channel to start playing video. 

Right-click in the center of the page (where you would expect to see video).

Select Silverlight Preferences.

Select the “Playback” tab.

Check the box labeled “Enable download and updates to components required for protected content playback.”

Close the dialog box.

Refresh the web page.

2. Reinstall the Silverlight Plugin

If step one did not fix your issue or you are unable to change the state of the checkbox, reinstall Silverlight. 

Reinstall Silverlight on Windows.

Reinstall Silverlight on Mac.

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